Our technology

Smart and healthy.
Our idea of cooking

At Edenberg, we combine the philosophy of healthy food preparation with high aesthetics and quality of kitchen equipment. Used technologies guarantee our products not only a long life, but also allow us to extract the best from every meal – the depth of taste and aroma.

The creative team

We are constantly working on new technologies and the development of existing solutions. We observe market trends, introducing them to our design and production philosophy.

World trends in your kitchen

We develop a wide range of kitchen products, which diverse design appeals lovers of traditional style as well as supporters of modern forms. Our products are characterized by high functionality, expressive colouring and original design reflecting global trends in design.

Pots designed for comfort

Find out what makes our pots are unique and cooking in them is great pleasure.


Tempered glass lid

The lid made of toughened glass ensures proper tightness, accelerating the heating of the contents of the cooker. There is a vent in the lid that drains away excess water vapour. The edges of the lid have a chrome finish and the chrome handle fits perfectly into the shape of the hand.

Non-stick non-stick coating

Internal multilayer, free of toxic PFOA, marble coating does not stick and is resistant to scratching.

Non-heating handles

Silicone handles are extremely pleasant to the touch.. The handles do not heat up, ensuring safe and comfortable use.

High quality extruded aluminum

High quality extruded aluminium ensures hygiene, ease of care and long term comfort.

Modern design – ideal for all types of cookers

The pot is suitable for all types of cookers: gas, electric, ceramic, glass, halogen and inductive.

Multilayer bottom

The bottom of thepot has a built-in aluminium hob suitable for induction cookers, which heats up quickly and evenly distributes heat, preventing local food burns.

For induction hobs

All our products are suitable for induction cookers. Built-in in the bottom of the aluminium hob makes the products heat up quickly, making them ideal for induction kitchens.

Balanced cooking of any dish

The multi-layered bottoms of our products ensure that heat is evenly distributed throughout the pot, preventing food from getting burnt. Thick bottoms accumulate heat, which means that the products keep the temperature high longer when removed from the cooker.

Steam cooking for aroma extraction of food

Steam cooking has many advantages – it preserves valuable vitamins and minerals in the first place. The food does not come into contact with water, which rinses out the nutrients, maintaining the deep taste and aroma of the dishes.

Healthy frying without sticking

Our pans are made of high quality extruded aluminium. They have multilayer, non-stick granite and marble coatings that are resistant to high temperatures and scratches. Free of PFOA toxic substances, the non-stick coating allows food to be prepared with minimum fat without the risk of sticking. Smooth interior surfaces make cleaning the pan extremely easy.

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